Beginner's guide to hiking

Beginner’s guide to hiking

Walking is medicine. It’s not just a convenient form of exercise; walking is good for almost anything that ails you. There is something about leaving your h...
How to measure heart rate

How to measure heart rate

Monitoring the intensity of your workouts means you can be much more prescriptive and precise with your training time. Like a smart banker looking for the bes...
Beginner's guide: Step machine

Beginner’s guide: Step machine

If you want to slim down and tone up, then stair climbing might just be your thing. Yes it's pretty tough, but it it combines an awesome leg and butt workou...
A guide to cardio training routines

Types of cardiovascular training

The American College of Sports Medicine and other medical institutions link cardiovascular fitness with a reduced incidence of high blood pressure, heart at...
Workout gear guide

Workout Gear Guide

Workout gear has come a long way. Gone are the days of gray tracksuit pants (or worse shell suits) and ugly, heavy running shoes. Workout gear looks so good, m...
What's your fitness level? DIY fitness tests

DIY fitness tests

When you're a beginner, you make vast and obvious gains quickly. And that's super motivating. But what then? One way to maintain your enthusiasm is to keep tra...
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